The Skillz Company consulting program offers ice hockey clubs the opportunity to introduce and incorporate individual and adapted skills training into the daily work.

BENEFITs for Players

Optimization of the skating movements

Increasing the performance of the players - be fast longer - and diminution of injuries as result of fatigue.

Optimization of stick handling

Enhance the puck handling feeling and improve the puck control under pressure.

Optimization of shooting techniques

Faster release from different movements and thus increasing scoring chances.

Active learning through reflexive processes

Increasing the reflexive capacity in order to sustain changes. (See – Understand – Practice – SUP-Concept)


BENEFITs for the club

Firm establishment of the team mission statement (public image)

Enhance the professional perception of the club.

Relieve the team coach

Concentration of the team coach on the team training.

Innovative and professional education (juniors/ pros)

Improvement of homegrown players and further development of professional players.

Regular communication between skills and team coaches

A gain on knowledge and the development of new training concepts.