The aim of the Skillz Company is to fulfill the potential of each and every player through the individual optimization of specific ice hockey techniques. 


Based on the „SEE-UNDERSTAND-PRACTICE (SUP)“ concept, the players are encouraged to coach themselves, internalize new techniques and to achieve a sustained and improved performance. 


Recognizing and consciously being aware of one's own sequence of movements, or the sequence of movements of others, through video analysis. 


Breaking down of the sequence of movement and explanation of the individual components.


High number of repetitions in order to internalize and consolidate the new movements.


  • efficient and powerful skating stride

  • explosive start

  • proper use of the edges and the position of the body

  • quick, balanced turns and pivots

  • backwardskating/ c-cuts

  • mohawks (heel to heel skating)

  • shots on the “correct" foot

  • two touch shots

  • one timer shots

  • shots on the "wrong" foot

  • puck handling

  • stickhandling